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Hello! I’m Tahir Nurullah

A Web Developer from Bangladesh. Specializing in both Front-end & Back-end Development. Experience of working in WordPress. Develop dynamic site using jQuery, Ajax, (core)PHP & MySQL. Develop Ecommerce project using both WordPress (with WooCommerce plugin) & Laravel Framework.

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My Expertise

Professional Skills: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, PHP, MySQL, Laravel Framework & WordPress

Web Design

Develop front-end or design a web page using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap & jQuery. Like converting PSD file to HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

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Web Development

Develop, Manage and Customize back-end, dynamic website or web application using core PHP & MySQL. Also create more interactive applications using Ajax on PHP & MySQL

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WordPress Theme Development

More than 1 year work experience in WordPress Theme Development. All of the websites that I create have been built using tailor-made, custom WordPress themes which have been coded from scratch.

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Responsive Design

Make any web page or site responsive for all devices (like Handset, Tab, Laptop, Large Monitor etc) using Bootstrap & Raw CSS3

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Laravel Framework

Develop more secure and dynamic website, application or web page using most popular PHP Framework Laravel. Also use Ajax to create more dynamic back-end & interactive applications.

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eCommerce Site Development

Provide full eCommerce website, Multi Vendor eCommerce system using WordPress & WooCommerce plugin or Laravel Framework. Also can customize and manage any eCommerce site that develop using Laravel Framework or WooCommerce plugin.

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